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PTCB Recertification Process

PTCB offers a streamlined recertification application process to allow faster completion and approval.  

  • To take advantage of the new process, CPhTs must have an NABP e-Profile on file with PTCB.
  • PTCB requires all CPhTs to set up an e-Profile no later than October 2019.

Having an NABP e-Profile allows CPhTs to enter and track their completed continuing education (CE) hours in CPE Monitor, a central database of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). CPhTs who do not yet have an NABP e-Profile must visit NABP’s website and create one. CPhTs should add their PTCB Certification Number to the Credentials section of their NABP e-Profile.

For CPhTs who use CPE Monitor, PTCB’s updated recertification process:

  • Eliminates the need to manually enter CE information that is already entered into CPE Monitor
  • Provides instant approval of their reinstatement/reinstatement application (no need to wait for PTCB review)
  • Reduces potential delays when applying

When To Apply

CPhTs can apply for recertification 60 days prior to their certification expiration date. Applications must be submitted by the Application Deadline. The Application Deadline is the first day of a CPhT’s certification expiration month. PTCB will accept recertification applications up until the certification expiration date, however, any recertification application received after the Application Deadline will be assessed a $25 late application fee, in addition to the required $40 recertification application fee.

How To Apply

CPhTs apply online by logging into their PTCB Account.

CPhTs can recertify in minutes if they have a verified NABP e-Profile ID and use CPE Monitor to track their CE. After logging into their PTCB Account, CPhTs should look for the  PTCB-Brandmark-CMYK next to their e-Profile ID on their Account home page. If they do not see the PTCB-Brandmark-CMYK, they can add their e-Profile ID by clicking ‘Add your eProfile’ under ‘Profile Summary’ or when applying for renewal.

For CPhTs applying using the updated recertification application, applications  are approved as soon as payment is received and processed (typically within 5-10 minutes). 

For CPhTs manually entering CE, applications are processed  by PTCB in the order in which they are received and are typically processed within 10 business days. Once an application is approved, the verification database will be updated and a certificate will be made available for download and print.

CPhTs should carefully review the criteria for acceptable CEs. PTCB will verify that CPhTs using CPE Monitor have completed the appropriate CE requirements. Applications that contain errors (e.g., inappropriate CEs, lack adequate CE information, incorrect payment amount) will be returned for correction. CPhTs have 30 days to submit corrections and the $10 reprocessing fee to PTCB.

The fee to recertify is $40. 

A paper application is only available to those with a disability or hardship that precludes using the online application. Requests to use the paper application must be submitted in writing to PTCB, and include appropriate documentation of the disability or hardship. 

Failure To Recertify

CPhTs who fail to recertify by midnight Eastern Standard Time on the certification expiration date are no longer considered certified by PTCB and must immediately cease using the designation "CPhT" or "Certified Pharmacy Technician". A pharmacy technician whose certification has expired may apply for reinstatement within one year. 

Official Certificates

Once a CPhT has renewed their certification, an updated certificate can be accessed by logging into their PTCB Account and clicking 'Print Certificate' under 'Certification Management'. Official Certificates and wallet-sized cards are available, free of charge, within a CPhT’s PTCB Account. CPhTs may also order an official certificate and wallet-sized card printed on fine paper by logging into their PTCB Accounts. The current cost for a fine paper certificate with wallet-sized card is $15. For a list of current fees, please refer to the Current Fees page.

Only Active CPhTs can order a certificate and wallet-sized card printed on fine paper. Please log into your account, click ‘Certificates’ on the top menu, Search, followed by Certificate Reprint and proceed with the ordering process. Certificates typically arrive within 4 to 6 weeks.

For more information, please refer to the Candidate Guidebook.