Illinois Pharmacy Technician Requirements

Please find below a snapshot of pharmacy technician requirements as dictated by the Illinois Board of Pharmacy. Regulations and other technician requirements change on an undefined schedule.

PTCB makes every effort to keep this page up to date, but it is not intended to replace consulting with your state board. Please contact your state board to verify any regulatory requirements.

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PTCB CPhTs 12116
Registration/Licensure Required Yes
Training Required Yes
Certification Required Yes
Technician to Pharmacist ratio N/A
Continuing Education Required Yes
Technician on Board of Pharmacy No
Certification Maintenance Required No

Other Information

On 2nd renewal, techs are required to submit verification of being a pharmacy student or being nationally certified; techs renew yearly. Beginning 1/1/17, as a condition for the renewal of a certificate of registration as a registered certified pharmacy technician, the registrant shall provide evidence to the Department of completion of a total of 20 hours of continuing pharmacy education during the 24 months preceding the expiration date of the certificate. One hour of continuing pharmacy education must be in the subject of pharmacy law. One hour of continuing pharmacy education must be in the subject of patient safety. The continuing education shall be approved by the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education.


PTCB CPhTs - Number of actively certified technicians that currently reside in this state.

Registration/Licensure Required - State requires all pharmacy technicians to complete a registration process or complete other criteria in order to earn a license to practice as a technician. This process usually requires an application with one or more fees and must be maintained at an interval (e.g., every two years) defined by the state.

Training Required - Requires completion of a State Board of Pharmacy approved education or training program.

Certification Required - State requires practicing technicians to have completed a certification program from a nationally accredited organization such as PTCB.

Technician to Pharmacist Ratio - State Board of Pharmacy dictated patient safety ratio detailing the number of pharmacy technicians that a pharmacist can directly supervise.

Continuing Education Required - State requires a structured educational activity designed or intended to support the continuing development of pharmacy technicians to maintain and enhance their competence. Continuing pharmacy education (CPE) should promote problem-solving and critical thinking and be applicable to the practice of pharmacy.

Minimum Age - Some states require a pharmacy technician to reach a minimum age (e.g., 18) prior to practicing or registering with the State Board of Pharmacy.

Technician on Board of Pharmacy - The makeup of the State Board of Pharmacy, which is the state rule making body that oversees the practice of pharmacy and helps protect public safety, includes a pharmacy technician. The state board generally consists of a mix of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and public members.

Certification Maintenance Required - Technicians are required to maintain active certification from a nationally accredited technician certification body. This is typically accomplished through the completion of continuing education programs over a prescribed amount of time (e.g., two years).